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Our virtual receptionists seamlessly connect callers to you when you’re available, wherever you are. When you’re not able to take calls, you’ll receive detailed messages delivered to you via email or text message so you never have to wonder if you have messages waiting.

Have more time to do what you do best


Make Great Impressions

A phone call is often the first interaction people have with your company. With every call answered with your custom greeting, vOffice’s cheerful virtual receptionists create meaningful connections with your callers and add sparkle to your image.​​​​


You can’t add more hours to the day, but we can help you make those hours count. We can even provide your callers with helpful information when you can’t or don’t want to be reached.

vOffice operates world-class virtual office in Hong Kong

Whatever reason you don't want to continue with our virtual office services, we will refund you the full payment


Why Virtual Receptionist?

You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your company’s calls – you want the best and the brightest. An impersonal answering service or recorded menu won’t do. With vOffice, you don’t only just get a receptionist but an exceptional one.


Professional Virtual Receptionist

vOffice offers high quality virtual receptionist in Hong Kong to support your business and personal administrative needs. Your time and peace of mind at an affordable price with high end results.